Ecclesiastical Law Association

Ecclesiastical Law Association

Judgments: Heating


The Chancellor granted a Faculty to authorise the replacement of the existing wet gas-fired central heating system with a new gas-fired system with new pipework and radiators. There was one party opponent, a member of the PCC, who had argued, inter alia, that the proposed system, unlike an electrical system, would not meet carbon emission reduction targets. But the Diocesan Advisory Committee had considered alternative proposals and recommended the gas-fired wet system as the most appropriate.

A proposal to install heated pew runners to all pews gave rise to objections from four petitioners, who did not wish to become parties opponent. The Chancellor found no substance in the objections and granted a faculty.

Faculty granted for Air Source Heat Pumps, to replace an old electric boiler heating system.

Faculty granted for replacement of oil-fired boiler with gas boilers.