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The petitioners sought a faculty for the construction of a parish room (by way of extension) to the south of the church. Two neighbours and another parishioner objected, though there were no objections from the local planning authority (who in fact granted planning consent) or the amenity societies. The Chancellor granted a faculty.

Faculty granted for the demolition of the 19th century vestry at the north east corner of an early 13th century church and construction of an extension to the church to include lavatory, baby changing facilities and kitchen facilities; a meeting space for coffee after services; a church lounge; a welcome and information area; an area for education; space for teaching and for practising music; facilities for visitors with young families, including a crèche, early years’ activities and youth activities; storage space; vestry space; and office space. Numerous objections on the grounds that a less intrusive solution would be the refurbishment and adaptation of the Norman chapel (11th or 12th century) and the Hearse House (mid-19th century) in the churchyard.

An interim hearing at which the Chancellor approved part of the proposals contained in the Petition, namely, the demolition of the parish room extension on the north side of the church and its replacement with a new parish centre extension, leaving outstanding proposals for a new glass foyer to link the new parish centre with the west end of the church.

Faculty granted for foyer to link extension on the north side of the church to the west end; new west door; moving of the font; and external block paving.