Faculty Forms

Schedule 3 of the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015 contains all the current statutory forms.

The Rules provide that petitions for exhumation, reservation of graves and in relation to memorials 'must be in the form approved for that purpose by the Chancellor'. The following are suggested forms of petition for grave reservations and for exhumation:


In PDF Format: Petition for Reservation of a Grave
In DOC Format: Petition for Reservation of a Grave


In PDF Format: Petition for Exhumation
In DOC Format: Petition for Exhumation


Apart from the inclusion of certain tree-related matters in Lists A and B in Schedule 1 to the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015, the duty to give guidance in relation to trees now lies with the Church Buildings Council ("CBC") and not with Chancellors. It is to this CBC Guidance that reference is made in the specified conditions to A8 of List A and to B6 in List B. Given that most works to trees will now be covered by the two Lists, there will no longer be a tree-specific form for a Faculty petition relating to works to trees, and the standard Forms 3A (or 3B) should be used in those cases where a Faculty is still required.